What We Offer

East Cooper Newcomers Club is all about inclusion. We demonstrate that goal at regularly scheduled Events; our Monthly Luncheon and our Monthly Coffee, which provide an informal setting for meeting new members and catching up with old friends. We encourage prospective members to check us out at these monthly Events. After visiting twice, we hope you’ll want to join us permanently as a new member!

Attendance at our Monthly Luncheon meetings continues to grow, namely due to inspiring speakers and intriguing content. In the past year, our programs included:

  • Carter Hudgins, CEO of Drayton Hall talked about its history and future.       
  •  Award winning watercolorist Mary Whyte shared her artistic passion to create “more than a likeness”.
  • Lisa Patton, best-selling author of “Rush” described her insight, research, and the story’s relevance today.
  • “Crabbing With Tia” revealed her inspiring story of health and sustainable living.
  • Felicia Saunders, Emmanuel Church shooting survivor and founder of Tywanza Saunders Legacy Foundation, shared her story of love and forgiveness.

Events such as day trips and local tours are held throughout the year. We supplement these monthly Events with Activities geared to the diverse interests of our members. Our goal is to make it easier to get to know one another and to develop new friendships.                     

                                                                                    Activity Groups

For a complete list of Activities, click on the Activities tab on the Home page.

* Club Activities are for  members  only, unless otherwise specified, such as Couples groups or Mixed groups.

So many of our fabulous Activity Groups are a-buzz with fun! 
There are Activity Groups for nearly every interest, and many new groups have been formed this past year.
For a complete list of Activities, click on the Activities tab on the Home page. 
This is a listing of some of our groups:
We Love to Play Games!
         Triple Canasta
          Mah Jongg
          Intermediate Bridge
          Bridge 4 Fun
          Scrabble group
We Love to Move!
         Walk& Talk -Walking Group
We Love to Go Out!
        Ladies Movie Group
         Brunch Group
         Ladies Cocktail Groups
         Ladies Lunch Group
         Live Music in the Low country
        'Traveling Pants'- Excursions in the Low country
         'Theater Time' - Theater, Concerts and Plays
We Are Creative!
         Photography Trips
We Are Adventurous!
         Palmetto Kayaking Group
          Beach House & Pot Luck Lunch Group
Thought Provoking Activities!
          Health Topics Group
          Book Clubs; so many to choose from!
          Bible Study
          Movie Club
 Mixed Activities!  Men and Women
          Couples Pinochle - couples only.
          Couples Dine Out Clubs -  couples only.
         Couples Cocktail Clubs - mostly couples; solo single ladies are welcome.
          'Movie Club' - spouses are welcome.
         'Theater Time' - Theater, Concerts and Plays - spouses are welcome.
          'Live Music in the Low country' -  spouses are welcome.
          'Palmetto Kayaking group - spouses are welcome.
We are in need of volunteer Group Leaders to start some new Couples Groups!!
If you  would like to attend an activity that we don't currently offer, consider becoming a Leader and getting others engaged!
Contact the Activity Chair for more information on how to start your "New Group"!   It's easier than you think!
You will be given all the assistance that you need.
Janis Tezak      janistezak@gmail.com  


Our Philanthropy Chairperson brings us information on nonprofit organizations where we may serve as volunteers, and helps to link them together.  She also identifies local charities in need of financial support and offers members an opportunity to contribute to these organizations both individually and as a group.  The Philanthropy Chairperson also reaches out to our own members needing support due to illness or family circumstances through our 'Caring Committee'.

The Club runs on volunteer energy - Board Members and Activity Group Leaders are all volunteers. Please join in!